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 Character Bio's

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One Winged Angel

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PostSubject: Character Bio's   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:08 pm

Ok just Post your character bio here if you ever made one(ithink it fun to read others way of looking into deltaV

~The Void~
One Winged Angel grew up as a simple kid in the void he was sentence to live in, but as time rolled on he learned of ways of escaping the void and of a rebellion. In couraged by these thoughts of hope he picked up his staff and joined the rebellion. Meeting the man who would run the whole Rebellion, Oz, One Winged Angel learned the ways of the mage from an ally outside the void. After years of training an army Oz led his men from the void to reclaim Delta V.

~The Rebellion~
Once out of the void One Winged Angel was allowed to lead a unit into battle this unit was called Hells Angels, and was formed by the newest recruits to the Rebel army. One Winged Angel led these brave souls into many fights but slowly they died off one by one to the many hazards of Delta V and its Biodome where their main camp was. One night the camp was raided by a pack of Hazards lead by a mighty Electro Hazard. With only six able bodied fighters Angel knew he didn’t stand a chance but he and his second in command, ShadowWraith, stood there ground while the rest of the troopers left with the wounded and left the dead. The Hazards were quick to act they cut off one of his men who was trying to escape and made quick work of him and his wounded partner. With time running out ShadowWraith threw a stun grenade at a second Bio Hazard blocking the path for the other men.
“Cya in the city boss.” Said Shadow as he led the men to safety. Angel, trying to stall as long as possible defeated the stunned hazard with a plasma bolt clearing his path of retreat. Then he ran over towards the other Bio hazard, which was feeding on one of his fallen comrade’s corpse, and shot him in the back of the head. Angel Took the helm off his comrade who died trying to help the wounded men and put in on saying “You will never be forgotten.” He then lit there bodies on fire so he could escape to the city and not worry about there bodies being defiled.

~The City~
Angel got into the city 3 days after the Hazard raid in the biodome, not taking the train was a costly error that he hoped his men didn’t make. After three days without water and entering a city deep into the war Angel risked death or worse, capture. He quickly noticed a green and white flare in the windows of a broken down apartment. The sign of the Hells Angels, he now knew without a doubt at least one of his men made it to the city alive. Angel made his way over to the building at once. Upon entering he was quite surprised by what he saw. ShadowWraith was by the window sharpening his wristblades which was normal but the fact that this rundown building was a lounge surprised Angel. What surprised him even more was the woman behind the counter with the robotic arm.
Not knowing if she was with or against the rebels made Angel hesitant to stick around but the machines in the room told him that he could make a pretty penny just buy putting out a few credits. Angel soon worked himself into trouble he had lost more credits then he had earned plus what he started with. The women, Valestra, had taken notice of Angel and his money problem.” Hand over the money you owe me or your wounded men in the back die.” She said.
“I’ll get you the money but you have to give me some time.” He said.
“You’ve got one day, if you don’t bring me my money then they die.” She said.
Angel walked over to ShadowWraith to see if he had any credits.” Sorry boss I spent all my credits to get her to let me hide the men in the back room.” ShadowWraith said. So Angel walked out the door into the street, where he saw two thugs waiting across the street. “I told you he went into the lounge.” Said the first thug.
“Well he’s here now lets go get our bounty for taking him down.” Said the second thug.

~The Duel~
“Ok this isn’t good I’ve got two thugs out to kill me for reasons I don’t even know and my staff is inside as a promise to pay back valestra.” Thought Angel. As the thugs closed in Angle saw that right past them was a board full of wanted posters and he in on that board. The thugs kept getting closer pulling out swords as they walked across the street. Then Angel heard something he couldn’t figure what it was until he saw it was a girl on a hoverbike. She pulled one arm off the bike and with her wrist blades she sliced right through the first thugs back. Angel saw this was an opening for him; he ran up kicked the second thug away and picked up the sword of the fallen thug. Back in the void Angel had learned how to use a sword as did everyone else in the rebel army. Angel waited until the thug charged him to make a move. With the thug about ten feet away Angel raised his sword to counter the thugs. The thug slashed and Angel countered the hit but was then hit by a kick to the side of his knee, knocking him to the ground.
Angel now on the ground with an unfamiliar weapon seemed out of luck, until he heard the hoverbike once more. Angel just had to hold his ground for a few seconds, so he kicked the thug in the shins then quickly got to his feet. Angel slashed at the thug who quickly blocked the shot. Angel knew he had to keep the thug in about the same spot so he kept striking without letting up. Seeing the hoverbike heading straight for the thug and Angel did send a shock down his spine, he quickly stepped out of the way while keeping the thug in range. With only a few seconds to spare Angel struck the knee of the thug and the women drove past defeating the second thug and drove off to how knows where. Angels picked the pockets of the thug saying “Stealing stolen money isn’t really stealing its more like liberating.” Then walked over to the board and ripped his poster down.

~The End~
Angel handed the credits to valestra and walked over to ShadowWraith, “We’re leaving.”
“But what about the men?” Shadow said
“Leave them they will only be dead wait.” He said
“Fine your orders are final.” Shadow Said.
They left at once to the main point of fighting, The Overlord Facility. They walked around back of the building where the thugs had come from where they found two hoverbikes. “We will use these to get there.” Angel said.
“Where?” Asked Shadow.
“You’ll know it when you see it.” Replied Angel.
They headed to the Overlord Facility and stopped about a mile away from all the fighting and about half a mile from the Rebel army’s main camp. They left there bikes at the top of the hill and walked towards the main camp, once there Angel requested an immediate conference with Oz. “Oz im taking leave of the army and so is ShadowWraith we see no point in continueing this war in our current state.” Said Angel.
“Fine then Angel you will be welcome upon your return.” Said Oz. As Angel and Shadow walked away from all the fighting a shot rang out, Angel dropped to his knees then in an instant he and Shadow both shot the man next to the tent. “You can call yourself a fighter when you don’t have to use dirty tricks.” Angel walked away from the battlefield with the image of the girl who saved him now bleeding on the ground outside of the tent.

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Death Gigas

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bio's   Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:39 pm

Topic moved to the correct section.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bio's   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:59 pm

Nice story Angel cause everyone from the start of Hells Angels is gone now so that's how they died and you said Angle once. And the shooting part wouldn't work cause my flag has to come out first XD.
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Death Gigas

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bio's   Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:36 am

Topic stickied so it doesn't get lost in the section.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Bio's   

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Character Bio's
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